Convert2Database - Converts Metastock files to a database (SQL Server, MS Access) and vice versa

Convert2Database allows you to convert MetaStock files to Microsoft Access database files or SQL Server and vice versa. The Convert2Database Conversion Wizard guides you through the steps to convert your historical price data files. The program has friendly wizard style interface, which helps you easily convert from: Metastock to a database file (e.g. MS Access) Database file (SQL Server, MS Access) to Metastock format files

More features:

  • Conversion tasks can be scheduled
  • Supports all MetaStock formats
  • EOD and intraday MetaStock files can be used
  • SQL Statements with price record information can be created

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Steps to convert MetaStock files to Microsoft Acess database files

If you select the "MetaStock to MS Access database file" option, following dialog will appear:


First you have to define the folder that contains the MetaStock data files. You can do that by clicking on the "Browse" button. Alternatively, you can also enter the directory name directly in the text box. The next step is to specify the output settings. You can select whether to store the data in a database file or create SQL statements for all price data records.

INSERT INTO MSFT VALUES(20240116,0,31,31.09,30.81,31.07);

INSERT INTO MSFT VALUES(20240117,0,31.03,31.14,30.96,30.98);

INSERT INTO MSFT VALUES(20240118,0,30.97,30.99,30.58,30.83,5);

These SQL statements can be used in all programs supporting SQL.

If you select the "Store data in database file" then you have to select the location of the database file. You can do that by clicking on the "Browse" button. If the database file does not exist then you have to enter a name of the database. The program will create the new database file automatically.

Afterwards, you have to specify whether to store the price data records of all securities in one table, or create a separate table for each symbol. If you want to store all securities in one table then you have to specify a column name that contains the names of all securities. The program will create tables with following order: Date, Time, Symbol (optionally), Open, High, Low, Close, Volume)

Convert MS Access Database Files to MetaStock Data Files

If you select the "MS Access database file to MetaStock" option, following dialog will appear:

MetaStock settings

First, you have to specify one ore more database files that you want to convert to MetaStock. Afterwards, you have to select whether the price records of all securities are stored in one table, or a separate table for each symbol exists. If all securities are stored in on table then you have to enter the name of the column that contains the security names or symbols.

If your database is locked with a password you have to tick off the option "Database is locked with a password". Afterwards, you have to enter your user name and password.

Secondly, you have to define the fields that are available in your database file. Tick the checkboxes corresponding to the data field which you want to include. You can change the field order using drag & drop.

If your table looks like the table in Figure 5 then you have to tick off the fields "Symbol", "Date", "Open", "High", "Low", "Close", "OpenInterest", "Volume".

MetaStock securities

It does not matter if the fields have other names than "Open", "High" etc. You can give them any name you want. It is only important that you have selected all fields that are available and that they are in a correct order.

Finally, you have to specify a directory where the MetaStock files should be stored. To start the conversion process, click on the "Start conversion" button. After the process has finished you can use any program that supports MetaStock format to read the MetaStock files created by Convert2Database.

Schedule Conversion Tasks

The scheduling feature allows you to start the program at a specific time. You are able to define that e.g. the progam starts at 9 A. M. and will convert the MetaStock data into a database file until 4 P. M. every minute.

Scheduled task info