MLDownloader - Download EOD historical stock quotes for MetaStock and other data analysis applications

IMPORTANT: As Yahoo and Google shut down their API to download data for their site, MLDownloader cannot download data from Yahoo/Google server anymore. As both companies changed their policy and it is not allowed to download data from their site anymore, there will be no intentions from our site to establish a connection to this server. You can find more info here.

Getting Started with MLDownloader

When you open the program the first time, you will be directed to the "Symbol List Wizard" dialog. This wizard helps you to set up your custom portfolio files. In order to download data to update your MetaStock or ASCII directories, you need to let MLDownloader create "Symbol Lists" for you. If you do not have any existing MetaStock directories that should be updated by MLDownloader, use the option "Use standard MLDownloader symbol lists". You will be redirected to a dialog where you are able to choose one or more countries you are interested in.

By default the data will be stored in the subfolders of C:\MetaStock or C:\ASCII. You are able to change the root folders in the "Symbol List->Data Folders" dialog.

To start downloading historical data click on the "Download->Get Quotes" dialog. All you have to do is to tick off the "Download historical data" option and enter a start date. Click on the "Download historical data" button and MLDownloader will perform a download containing all the symbol lists that are listed in the main window. To download intraday data click on the "Download->Update View" menu item or press the "F5" button. The program will download the latest price data and will display this data in the main window.

Now any external application is able to access the data that is stored in the data folders. Also take a look at our tutorials site to see how to use the data with external applications.

Supported data format: MetaStock and ASCII/CSV files

If you want to analyse your securities with MetaStock you can store the quotes in the latest MetaStock format 10.0. It is also possible to store the downloaded data in form of ASCII files. You can change the file format any time by clicking on the "Download->Options" menu item. In the "Options" dialog you have to tick off the option "MetaStock format" and/or "ASCII format", depending on the format that you want to use. You are completely free to define the format of the ASCII files. For example you are able to define that all securities will be stored in one data file.


It is up to you which fields (Open, High, Low, etc.) and which character you are using as the field delimiter. Therefore all ASCII files created by MLDownloader can be used in every program that is able to read/import ASCII files.

It is also very easy to create an ASCII file containing the data for one security only:


In the "ASCII File Format" dialog you are able to define your custom ASCII file format:

ASCII File format dialog

As you can see on the screenshot above, there are a lot of options to define the output of the ASCII file. You are free to define the date format, time format, change to order of any data field and much more. More details can be found in the MLDownloader manual. Moreover, MLDownloader provides a lot of pre-defined formats ASCII. So it is only one click for you to store the date in TradeStation 2000, Advanced Get 7.x, SierraChart or Wealth-Lab format.

MetaStock format - Supported versions: 6.52, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0

MLDownloader supports the old MetaStock format (255 symbols per directory, 6.52) as well as the new MetaStock format. (6000 symbols per directory, 8.X or higher) Moreover, you can create MetaStock data files containing 5 data fields only. (Date, High, Low, Close, Volume) Some old chart programs can only read MetaStock files having 5 data fields.

To make changes on the Metastock format, click on the "Download->Options" menu. Afterwards click on the "Change" button. The "MetaStock Format Options" dialog will appear.

Stock splits and dividend distributions are reported

MLDownloader checks for stock splits and delivered dividends (US stocks only) each day. (Once per day when you start MLDownloader the first time) If a stock split is queued up or a dividend was distributed, MLDownloader will automatically recalculate the whole stock’s history. So you do not have to worry about dividends and splits anymore.

You can also display a dialog with announced/past splits and perform the split manually.

Announced Splits dialog

Components of indices will be updated automatically

Components of indices are changing from time to time. MLDownloader can update all components of the indices listed below. All what you have to do is to press one button - the rest MLDownloader will do for you! So you can be sure that your symbol lists are always up-to-date. If you are looking for a specific index that is not listed below please let us know and we do our best to include the index in the list.

Download attempts can be repeated easily - Symbol changes can be detected

When the download of one or more securities failed, the "Download Errors" dialog will be displayed.

download errors

Click on the "Securities->Download again" menu to retry downloading the securities. Only the securities were the download failed will be downloaded again.

Example: If two securities of a symbol list with 30 symbols failed to download, only these two securities will be downloaded again. (Not the complete symbol list!)

If you get an error message "No data available (Invalid symbol or wrong start end date specified)" then you should use the "Inspect invalid symbols" function. If you call this function ("Securities->Inspect invalid symbols" menu) MLDownloader will connect to the server and checks if the symbol code was changed. The new symbol code will be displayed and MLDownloader will update the symbol list with the new symbol code automatically.

Data download can be scheduled

The timer feature allows you to start MLDownloader at a specific time. You only have to define a start time and all symbol list(s) you want to use, and MLDownloader will perform the data download automatically.

MLDownloader will automatically start an external application of your choice after you have auto downloaded your data. This may assist you in fully automating your analysis tasks. Moreover, you are able to specify whether to shut down the computer or leave MLDownloader opened.

schedule metastock download or ascii

Stock data download progress indication

MLDownloader has a progress indicator during the download. So you know exactly what is going on rather than guessing if the program is complete or still working. Moreover, you can minimize ML Downloader while it is downloading data and stores the data in MetaStock format or in form of ASCII files. So you can work on your computer while the program will download the prices. You have also the possibility to pause the data download.

metastock download indicator

Historical EOD stock quotes data is available for over 50 international exchanges

In the table below you will find a non-exhaustive list of stock exchanges that are supported by MLDownloader. In general all to stock exchanges that are supported by Google Finance can be downloaded with MLDownloader.

Country Exchange Suffix
United States of America American Stock Exchange  
United States of America Chicago Board of Trade .CBT
United States of America Chicago Mercantile Exchange .CME
United States of America NASDAQ Stock Exchange  
United States of America New York Board of Trade .NYB
United States of America New York Commodities Exchange .CMX
United States of America New York Mercantile Exchange .NYM
United States of America New York Stock Exchange  
United States of America OTC Bulletin Board Market .OB
United States of America Pink Sheets .PK
Argentina Buenos Aires Stock Exchange .BA
Austria Vienna Stock Exchange .VA
Australia Australian Stock Exchange .AX
Brazil Sao Paolo Stock Exchange .SA
Canada Toronto Stock Exchange .TO
Canada TSX Venture Exchange .V
China Shanghai Stock Exchange .SS
China Shenzhen Stock Exchange .SZ
Denmark Copenhagen Stock Exchange .CO
France Paris Stock Exchange .PA
Germany Berlin Stock Exchange .BE
Germany Bremen Stock Exchange .BM
Germany Dusseldorf Stock Exchange .DU
Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange .F
Germany Hamburg Stock Exchange .HM
Germany Hanover Stock Exchange .HA
Germany Munich Stock Exchange .MU
Germany Stuttgart Stock Exchange .SG
Germany XETRA Stock Exchange .DE
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange .HK
India Bombay Stock Exchange .BO
India National Stock Exchange of India .NS
Indonesia Jakarta Stock Exchange .JK
Israel Tel Aviv Stock Exchange .TA
Italy Milan Stock Exchange .MI
South Korea Korea Stock Exchange .KS
South Korea KOSDAQ .KQ
Mexico Mexico Stock Exchange .MX
Netherlands Amsterdam Stock Exchange .AS
New Zealand New Zealand Stock Exchange .NZ
Norway Oslo Stock Exchange .OL
Singapore Singapore Stock Exchange .SI
Spain Barcelona Stock Exchange .BC
Spain Bilbao Stock Exchange .BI
Spain Madrid Fixed Income Market .MF
Spain Madrid SE C.A.T.S. .MC
Spain Madrid Stock Exchange .MA
Sweden Stockholm Stock Exchange .ST
Switzerland Swiss Exchange .SW
Taiwan Taiwan OTC Exchange .TWO
Taiwan Taiwan Stock Exchange .TW
United Kingdom London Stock Exchange .L

Customer Reviews - See what our customers say about MLDownloader - The most comprehensive downloader for EOD historical stock quotes

Absolutely Love your program; Does what it is told (and some more); Has Virtually NO Learning time at all; All of this for an Unbelievable One Time Charge!
Ken, USA

I've just bought your MLDownloader. It's a much better product than another downloader which I was foolish enough to buy recently. Thank you for such a great program!
Thomas R., USA

MLDownloader offers many flexible options set-ups than any other downloaders that I have tested (about 6 of them). Others are basic features, no symbols library database or even if they do have it .... it does not allow me to manage the database easily on my own, many others states for use with downloading data from international stock exchanges but not all are able to download full historical data. The data downloading speed from others are not as fast when I tested them. With MLDownloader, it does stands up as clear winner for the fastest downloading speed that I can ever get. The choice of different data formats available and able to save different data formats to different portfolios really caters to my needs. MLDownloader - full of great features, benefits, flexible set-ups and easy to use that beats other downloaders and importantly - IT WORKS. My encounter with the support staff was SUPER with fast responds and couple of helpful emails support from Peter. Thank you, Peter. I believe this is the BEST data downloading program available. Truly, it's the NO.1 data downloader for downloading data from all the international stock exchanges for FREE.
Dino, Singapore

I like MLDownloader because of two things. First, it’s behavior (install it, set download timer – and forget it :-) ) and second the very fast support with hints in case that other software programs run in trouble with downloaded quotes.
Bernd N., Switzerland

Your tools are getting better and better (and better and better :-) I'm really happy that I have bought MLDownloader. Keep up the good work is all I can say. Many thanks.
Craig F., USA

Thanks for the answer -it's nice to get prompt response. You have a good product - should be a bit easier to find in the myrid of Internet links though!
Larry H., England

It is amazing the way you work , I think I've never received a support so prompt as I receiving from you! Thank you very much. Great program! It's the cheapest and most comprehensive download program!
William G., Australia