MetaStock to CSV/Excel free online converter

On this site you can convert MetaStock files online to CSV/Excel for free. Simply upload a .ZIP archive containing MetaStock files, wait a few seconds (depending on the size of the file) and a download containing the converted data will start automatically.

Step 1: Select a file that you want to convert (max 10 MB). Please note that the file needs to be in .ZIP format and the ZIP archive should contain all the relevant MetaStock data files (MASTER, EMASTER, F1.DAT, F2.DAT etc.)
Step 2: Select the file extension, field delimiter and sepecify whether each file should contain a file header (Date, Open, High, etc.) or not.
File extension
Field delimiter
Step 3: Click on the "Start conversion" button and after a few seconds a download will start automatically containing the converted data. If you want to convert one more file click the "refresh" button in your browser after you have downloaded the file.
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