Tutorial: How to automatically download EOD futures (individual and continuous contracts) data directly into Excel

Step 1: Open Excel and select the "Data" menu. Afterwards click on "From Web".

Futures Excel

Step 2: In the "New Web Query" dialog enter the URL https://www.trading-tools.com/futures/data.ashx?symbol=CZ2015&cmd=webquery This will download all the data for the Corn December 2015 contract. To download different data please replace the "CZ2015" with a different symbol code (for a continuous contract use e.g. "CROLLLAST" which will give you the Corn contracts rolled on the last trading day). Click on the "Go" button. You will be asked to enter a user name and password. Use the same credentials that you are using to logging into FuturesDownloader. If you have no credentials yet please download FuturesDownloader and sign up for a free demo account.

Web query url

Step 3: Click on the icon marked in red to mark the data you want to download.

web query select

After the selection your screen should look like this:

web query after select

Step 4: Click on the "Import" button and select where you want to put the data. Typically the data will be stored starting from cell A1.

import future data

You are done! You should see now the data in your worksheet. If you want to refresh the data right-click anywhere in the table and select the "refresh" command.

data in excel